Chapter History

Chapter Banner Soars!

When the Space Shuttle Atlantis roared into space November 24, 1991, the crewmembers (Commander Fred Gregory, Pilot Tom Hendricks, Mission Specialists Story Musgrave, Jim Voss, and Mario Runco, and Payload Specialist Tom Hennan) carried with them the first PSI® Banner that would touch the stars. 

On February 12, 1992, they presented the flown banner to Diana R. Peterson CPS, President of our chapter.

Gavel to MIR!

When the Space Shuttle Atlantis launched on September 16, 1996, it again carried PSI® cargo.  This time, our chapter’s gavel was aboard.  Commander Bill Readdy, Pilot Terry Wilcutt, and Mission Specialists Jay Apt, Tom Akers, Carl Walz, and John Blaha docked with the MIR, left Blaha, and returned Mission Specialist Shannon Lucid who had been on the MIR for six months.  

In October 1996, the Clear Lake / NASA Area Chapter celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Astronaut David C. Leestma was on hand to present the gavel to Bonnie House CPS, 1996 chapter President.  “We know who really runs the office,” he told the crowd.  “And I am delighted to present this gavel to you after it has flown to the MIR and back.”