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Division Member of the Year

Chapter Member of the Year

This year Clear Lake NASA Area chapter will be accepting applications for a Chapter Member of the Year, applications will be due to Donna Boudreaux no later than March 29, 2014.  The applications will be reviewed for accuracy and then submitted to the chapter board of directors and the member with the highest score will be the 2014 Chapter Member of the year.  The chapter will then submit this member’s application to the Texas-Louisiana Division to be considered for the Division Member of the Year.  In order to keep it simple, we are asking you to complete the Division Member of the Year application  AND send it back to Donna Boudreaux by the deadline date of March 29, 2014.

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IAAP President-Rachael Venable, CAP-OM

Clear Lake / NASA Area Chapter (CLNAC) has always been a chapter of excellence.  The First Chapter in Space is our claim to fame!  Both, our gavel and our banner have flown on US Space shuttle flights.  This title is fitting for our chapter, not only because this chapter is home to many businesses in the aerospace industry, it is also fitting because the members of this chapter are always shooting for the stars.  They go beyond the parameters of what is asked, own their duties individually and surpass all expectations. 


CLNAC has one specific individual whose character exemplified these factors and is the inspiration we want to carry forward at CLNAC for years to come.  Michelle Spradley, CAP-OM, did everything with honor, integrity, honesty and joy. She gave 200% and expected no less from everyone else.  Michelle made a difference in the lives of CLNAC members and members of IAAP globally.  If you needed ideas she had great ones, she had something she wanted to share with you to inspire you to do more, so that you could become successful.  The love she shared for life and the passion she had for IAAP were apparent in all she did.  This is the legacy we want to carry on at CLNAC for years to come, Michelle's legacy.  Of course, it will live on forever inside the hearts of every single one of you with the blessings she gave that we will pass on to others.


I am so proud to announce our chapter's board of directors unanimously decided to implement the Make A Difference award in honor of Michelle Spradley, CAP-OM.  This award will be given quarterly to the chapter member exemplifying the passion Michelle had for IAAP and for success personally as well as the success of those around her.  The Make a Difference award will honor those members of our chapter that work at Making a Difference not only in the chapter but in their careers, in their personal lives, and in the lives of everyone they meet. 


The first Make a Difference honoree of 2013-2014 is Ymelda Calvillo, CAP-OM.  Ymelda's passion for IAAP is evident in all her works.  She walks through each day searching for ways to make the chapter better for everyone, ways to make her family better for everyone and stretching her own limitations every day.  If you cross paths with Ymelda, please take a moment to congratulate her on being the first honoree of this prestigious award and ask her, what she has planned next, I know you will get an earful because she never stops thinking about new and innovative ways to inspire others.


This is the time to accept the challenge and make Michelle proud of our chapter.  Reach beyond your limitations and do things you never thought you could do!  Michelle is still here with us, I know this everyday as little miracles happen all around us.  Michelle wants you to Make a Difference, don’t think about it, just do it 


EFAM 2013 was Energizing and Empowering! 

The CLNAC team was able to take a moment together at the Marriott Anaheim between educational sessions.

CLNAC's larger than life member, Michelle Spradley, CAP-OM speaking at EFAM. 

Michelle you will always be our star, we aspire to your radiant light and we treasure every memory you gave us.

CLNAC's leadership team were all smiles at EFAM 2013!