Community Outreach Projects


Please contact your Community Outreach Committee members Aglaee (Saint) Nicolas or Bonnie (Head Elf) House with any questions.

Community Outreach Projects

Its that time of year when we can help bless someone’s holiday season!  We have all been bountifully blessed.  We have jobs and families to help us and we don’t have to worry about whether we will eat tomorrow.  Unfortunately, not everyone can say that.

This year, your Board of Directors and Community Outreach Committee decided to assist five senior citizens from the South Houston Senior Center

For Thanksgiving, we will be putting together food baskets to give to each senior.  We we be collecting the food donations on Monday, at our November 18th meeting.  All food items will be greatly appreciated.  Please keep in mind that they also need dry goods, like spaghetti, beans, rice, sugar, flour etc.

These seniors are on a fixed income and on tight budgets.  The Director of the center told us about a lady last year who had to watch her budget so carefully, she could never afford any of the extras, like cookies or chips.  The lady ate mostly beans and rice, and rarely any meat, because she couldn’t afford it. The company who sponsored her made her a big basket of chips, crackers, cookies, canned meat and fruit, and fresh produce. She was so happy, that she cried.

For Christmas, we will be purchasing gifts, which will be collected at the December 16th Holiday social.  Below is a very small Christmas wish list from each person.  (Last names have been left off the website to protect their privacy.  Full names will be available through your Community Outreach Committee.)


Towels, wash cloths, 2-slice toaster, blankets for twin bed, small coffee maker, dresses (size 14 or 16)

Doris Long sleeve pajamas (size 14 or large), small blender, sheets for twin bed, perfume (any kind), small inexpensive microwave
Wanda Bed linens for full size bed, kitchen pots and pans, clothes (size 12), set of drinking glasses, throw rugs
Leroy 33-30 jeans, shirt (man’s small), over-the-calf white socks, inexpensive after shave or cologne, wallet or billfold
Lydia Can opener, bath towels, queen size sheets, sweat pants and shirts (size 14), nightgown (size 16), house slippers (size 5)

You are not limited to the items on this list.  If you would like to give something else, please do so!  The Center Director also mentioned that they take the seniors to Wal-Mart twice a month.   There are some who never go, because they never have any money.  You may consider getting some Wal-mart gift cards, so they can join their friends on an outing and buy whatever they want, instead of just necessities.

Bonnie House and Aglaee Nicolas will keep a checklist of what has been bought/donated from the Christmas wish list.  Please contact them with your selection choice so that we do not have duplicates.  Remember to wrap and put the name of the recipient on your gift.